SquadPod Dashboard

Maximize Resources


Extend bandwidth by allowing teams to eliminate 40% of emails and 90% of unnecessary app use, saving time and resources.


Unite Your Team


Internal and remote teams stay connected and informed through business chat, task management and video conferencing.


Decrease Spend


SquadPod’s all-in-one solution eliminates the need for multiple apps that waste time and money.


Business Messaging


Stay connected with colleagues, partners, and customers, whether you’re working in an office or traveling across the world.


Video Conferencing


Connect using desktop video conferencing and screen sharing, with no additional software to download. 




Always stay connected with your team and external partners with business messaging, files and more!


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Solve customer issues faster by sharing how-to documents, best practices and guidance via chat and document collaboration features.

Organize & Document


Store images, videos, documents, presentations and updates in their own Pods (digital work spaces) that can be easily shared, searched or kept private.


Vendor Management

Keep partner/vendor documentation accessible on-demand with staff aware of progress via status updates, file storage, and live document editing.
SquadPod - Mobile Chat

Document Collaboration


Create notes or collaborate on documents with the ability to edit and track changes live, as a team.


Task Management


Create interactive to-do lists, organized by project or topic, allowing you to track individual progress or collaborate on team goals.


File Storage


Easily send and receive documents, presentations, contracts and more, safely and securely.


Your All-In-One SMB Solution


SMB teams that collaborate using SquadPod can save time, increase revenue and operate with higher levels of productivity— all utilizing one single, unified solution.


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