SquadPod Security Features


At SquadPod, your information security comes first. We know that as a growing company, the protection of your data is crucial — and, just like your business, your needs can change from day to day. With these principles in mind, we’ve built a safe and secure architecture, tailored to your security package and created to grow with you.


Built to scale faster, automatically.

SquadPod is deployed using Infrastructure-as-code, a Continuous Delivery (CD) methodology that allows predictable and safe scalability without needing a huge DevOps department.
  • Utilizing battle-tested technologies that power giants Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber use.
  • Google Cloud — support the most security-sensitive organizations in the world.
  • Monitoring platform services to send immediate alerts upon environment changes.
  • Built using a microservices architecture – ability to create instant instances at massive scale.

Secure, then scale.


SquadPod follows the latest architecture best practices, with policies created to minimize the risk of internal and external threats, compromised data, and configuration issues.

Secure & available

SquadPod is proud to operate with 99.99% uptime. With all services consistently monitored for failure and/or latency, the solution is created to guarantee exceptionally low downtime.

Verified safeguards

 All of SquadPod’s data is stored in Google Cloud’s protected data centers. With an emphasis on compliance certifications, including ISO 27001 and SOC 1, Google helps to support a safer and more secure environment.

Built to scale

SquadPod is built using a microservices architecture, allowing the ability to create instant instances at a massive scale and allow for more quickly deployed upgrades and efficient security enhancements.

Safe & Encrypted

2048-bit SHA-2, TLS 1.2 encryption with 99.99% uptime.

Two-factor authentication

2FA as an optional layer of security, lowering opportunities for unauthorized access and information theft.

Single sign-on

One username, one password for a more streamlined user experience. Combined with 2FA, this optional feature provides better tracking, increased IT compliance, and limits risks of phishing.

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