One App for Better Team Collaboration.


Stay In-the-know with External Partners

Connect with vendors, customers, partners and consultants, no matter where you are.

Alerts Across Devices

Never miss important business updates with notifications across mobile, tablet, desktop and Apple Watch.

Recall Valuable Content On-the-go

Get more done with quick access to business chat, data, file sharing, and more.

The Productivity Tools You Need


Business Messaging

Chat with your boss, the team, vendors, customers, and those that matter most.

Activity Feed

Interact with digital workspaces (called Pods) to stay up-to-speed on projects and recall important interactions on-demand.

File Sharing

Instantly open and send screenshots, mockups and images wherever you’re working.


Ready to take this on the road? The mobile app is free to use for all SquadPod members!