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It’s where your Squads come together to collaborate, share and get stuff done simply and easily. Don’t just dream about it or talk about it or plan it, do it. Make a difference. Juggling family, friends, work and interests can be tough to do, but you’re committed to it all.

SquadPod was built for you.

For our raving fans, it’s the center of their day and where they go to organize all the things that matter.

SquadPod, where life happens.

Our Raving Fans

Workuity was looking for a platform to make team communication easy for our small business. I am so glad we found SquadPod. It eliminated the complexity of Slack and all other workgroup solutions we found. With little learning curve, we had our various teams set up to instantly communicate whether via instant message, chat, or video. I would highly recommend you make SquadPod your first choice for your business.

Daniel K., Founder of Workuity

SquadPod has been an absolute life, time, and money saver for me! I was using 5+ software applications to successfully run and communicate within my business. Handling day to day operations, staying organized with projects, and communicating with my team was a nightmare as I had to constantly move between software. Once I discovered SquadPod and was able to centralize everything I truly realized how important this one piece of software was. No longer are tasks being forgotten and things being overlooked. SquadPod has allowed me to house everything under one roof and stay focused. Great work and a big thank you to everyone at SquadPod.

Blake S., President, ALT ZERO, Inc

I have been using SquadPod and working with Squadpod staff for about a year now. I enjoy the product usability and consistency across multiple platforms, and my personal preference is Squadpod on my iPad. I use it to communicate with peers, store project information for my app development projects, and actively look for ways to expand features to increase adoption. It’s the best private secure collaboration and social platform that I plan to continue to leverage in my organization.

Tim R., President, Archive Auto, Inc

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