Unite internal & external collaborators

Invite internal and external team members (like vendors, customers, partners, etc.) in one organized Pod (aka channel).

Real-time interactions

Update your team on daily activities, goals, roadblocks, etc. in a single, cohesive environment.

Controlled access

Collaborators can only see the Pods you’d like them to, allowing you to invite team members into individual channels, on one single platform.

Task Management

Create, track, prioritize and assign milestones, keeping your most important tasks top-of-mind for you and your team.
Bolste File Sharing Icon

File Sharing & Storage

Organize, share and store an unlimited number of files with safe, secure and reliable data backup. Learn more…

My Pod Planner

Get a comprehensive view of your calendar, tasks, Pod interactions, activities and more, all in one simple planner. Learn more…

Pods for the way you work.


External Partners

Invite team members that are outside of your organization into individual Pods, where teams can collaborate on documents, upload invoices, give project updates, etc.


Create work spaces for official sales documents, marketing collateral, artwork/logos, company announcements— the list goes on and on.


Tackle projects like company events, customer retention and product launches with specially created Pods.

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