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No need to clutter your life with tons of apps. Welcome to your brilliantly simple portal for getting things done.


Your Digital Workspace

Where the action happens.

Video Chat

Make meetings matter with high quality conferencing and screen sharing.


Instantly, anywhere, with anyone in the Squad.

We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

SquadPod is private by design. Set roles and permissions for those you invite in. All Squad Members are verified, either by Google verification or email verification. Content is non-discoverable, you can only access information you have been provided access to.


Crush your goals by creating, assigning and scheduling tasks.


Keep everyone looped in by desktop, mobile, tablet or Apple Watch.


You can share files, including contracts, presentations, videos, marketing collateral and more with your Squads from within any Pod. Files can be previewed or downloaded easily by tapping or clicking on the file.


Find people, docs, conversations and more easily and quickly.


Connect with your Squad anywhere with iOS or Android.


Connect with your Squad anywhere with iOS or Android.

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