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Our story is simple. We help people simplify their complex lives. That’s what technology is supposed to do, right? Instead we are expected to cobble together multiple applications just to communicate and be more productive. That’s not simple! The result has become applications controlling us instead of us controlling them. A constant barrage of pings alerting us to information that distracts us rather than enables us.

We pledge to do something different. Something that will make life more simple. To build something that will seamlessly connect our whole life – at work, at home, at play – all through a single portal.

Our team is a diverse group of talented, smart and motivated people committed to our customers’ success. We have one very important thing in common: the status quo and looking like everyone else will never be enough. If our customers are willing to invest in us, then SquadPod must help them become more productive.

We know this is true because once upon a time another product was being built that was…well counter to that philosophy. So we did the not so simple thing. We tore it down and built SquadPod. The product that our customers told us they wanted. The product that we really wanted. A totally private and secure way to communicate with the people who make things happen in our lives – at work, at home, at play.

Life can be simple. Start with SquadPod.

Our Promise

  • Customer data is safe with us. We will never sell it. Ever!
  • What happens in the Squad, stays in the Squad – customer privacy and security is our priority.
  • Serving our customers is a privilege and at the center of everything we do. That’s how we’re built.
  • Innovation drives us in everything we do – In our product, our pricing, our service and our customer communication.
  • The design of SquadPod is simple. Customers spend less time online and more time in their life.
  • We think outside the box and never settle for the status quo.
  • Our customers are an extension of our team  – it’s where some of our best ideas come from!
  • We do our best work every day and we have a great time doing it!


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